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Following years spent climbing the corporate ladder, Jane Krate Duda left her position as advertising director for a national retail chain to strike out on her own. Prior to her stint in retail advertising, Jane had been an account executive in two Philadelphia-area ad agencies, working with clients in a variety of niche industries. She enjoyed the advertising business, but ever-increasing management responsibilities left her little opportunity to put her BFA in design to much use. Thus in 1993 were sown the seeds of what was to become Roaring Brook Design.

From Philadelphia, Jane traveled to Beacon and Walkill, New York, establishing her freelance practice and beginning to attract clients. Moving to Vermont in 1995, Jane continued to grow her solo studio. She was determined to keep it small, focusing on service businesses, niche industrial companies, and nonprofit organizations that were ready to launch or move forward in their marketing communications efforts but did not require the resources—or the associated overhead—of a full-service advertising agency.

Since founding Roaring Brook Design, Jane has solidified a reputation for creating successful projects and campaigns for organizations around the corner and across the continent.

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In close collaboration with clients, who regard her as part of their team, Jane has provided creative and strategic guidance on projects ranging from logos and identity to brochures, annual reports and advertising campaigns to business launches and expansions.

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read what jane’s clients say...